Easy-Share Business Cards

Sharing your business card is as simple as walking into the room.

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About CardCast

CardCast broadcasts your business card to the room. Give everyone your card and collect other cards nearby.
Networking has never been this easy.

Powered by Bluetooth LE

The best technology already powering your smart-home devices.

No Sign-up Required

Get started immediately. No user account or sign-up necessary.

Free to You

Free to download. Free to cast. Share as many cards as you want!


So much utility packed into one tiny app!

  • Never forget your card

    Have your phone? You have your card.

  • Know who's in the room

    Nearby cards show up on your phone. Know who's attending at a glance.

  • Save the cards you find

    Save the cards you find to view later. Build a rolodex on your phone.

  • Customize your style

    Make cards uniquely your own with colors and pictures.

  • Send cards directly

    Don't want to cast? Share your card with AirDrop, Android NFC, E-mail, and more!

  • Easy on your battery

    Confidently cast all day with the most energy-responsible tech on your phone.

No Internet Required

No WiFi? No problem!

CardCast uses Bluetooth Low-Energy to send data. Whether you're at a packed conference or on a remote mountaintop, you can always share your card!


Available for iOS and Android

iOS App Store download
Google Play Store download


Anyone with the CardCast app within 100 meters of you.
Anything you would hand out on a paper business card!

CardCast supports profile images, company logos, and basic contact information. Additional links and information can be placed in your "Bio" section.
No, you do not have to broadcast a card to use CardCast. The app will always attempt to download nearby cards.
Currently you may only share CardCast cards to other devices that have CardCast. Other export options are coming soon!
Currently only English, but we are planning to support many more!